Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 10:01 WIB

Beware, There are Counterfeit IDR5,000 Bills

Illustration: Uncut fake IDR100 thousand bills.

JAKARTA, NNC - The Tanjung Priok Port Resort Police officers succeeded in arresting a counterfeit money dealer named Surya Adnan Kasogi aka Yogi Bin Matsinar (31) in Malang, East Java in mid-May 2018. From the arrest, the police secured piles of counterfeit money, and even some of them were fake IDR5,000 bills.

"The perpetrator was successfully detained in Jalan Meduran Gang 4 RT 005 RW 008, Asrikaton Village, Pakis Sub-district, Malang, East Java," said Tanjung Priok Port Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police Eko Hadi Santoso in Jakarta, Monday (5/28/2018).

When the perpetrator was detained, Eko continued, the police also secured various evidence. Evidences secured were counterfeit money in newly issued IDR50,000 note amounting to 24 bills worth IDR1.2 million.

Then there were also 111 fake old and new IDR5,000 bills, four printers, 155 counterfeit IDR100 thousand bills ready for circulation, 500 fake IDR20,000 bills, and 295 fake IDR50,000 bills.

In addition, the police also confiscated, one envelope with the recipient name of Deni containing 50 counterfeit IDR50,000 bills, one envelope containing 30 counterfeit IDR50,000 bills and two fake IDR5,000 bills.

Then there were 71 sheets of F4 paper, printed with fake IDR100,000 bills, 83 sheets of A4 paper printed with fake IDR50,000 bills, 100 sheets of A4 paper printed with fake old IDR50,000 bills, 227 sheets of HVS paper printed with old IDR20,000 bills, eight sheets of A4 paper printed with new IDR20,000 bills, 72 sheets of HVS paper printed with new IDR5,000 bills, 48 sheets of A4 paper printed with old IDR5,000 bills.

Furthermore, there were two sheets of A4 paper printed with IDR1,000 bills, 151 old IDR20,000 bills and 22 new IDR20,000 bills, 1,413 new IDR50,000 bills and 609 old bills.

The perpetrator is threatened with Article 244 of the Criminal Code concerning counterfeiting which is threatened with imprisonment up to 15 years.