Monday, 17 June 2019 | 12:33 WIB

Used as Prostitution Place, Illegal Stalls in Gelam Village Set to be Dismantled

Illustration: Prostitution.

TANGERANG, NNC - Officers of Public Security (Satpol PP) of Tangerang Regency, Banten, are scheduled to dismantle the illegal stalls in Gelam Village, Pasar Kemis Sub-district after the month of Ramadan 2018 for being used as a place of disguised prostitution.

"The eviction of the building is already a working target to be implemented," said Section Head of Public Security, Orderliness and Protection of Pasar Kemis Sub-district, Rusdi Efendi in Tangerang, Sunday (5/27/2018).

Rusdi said that he had reported to the Tangerang regional government regarding the existence of the stalls because those are considered troubling people.

Even residents hope the officers to close the activities in the stalls by dismantling buildings that amounted to tens of units.

But in the month of fasting, local officials in the operation arrested six women as commercial sex workers who were ready to serve visitors.

According to him, as quoted from Antara, it requested that Satpol PP determines the execution schedule of the building by using heavy equipment because the building owners are reluctant to dismantle themselves.

In fact, the stalls are located on the land owned by the government on the edge of the river and adjacent to the highway so that it is easy for visitors to come.

Every night there is the sound of music in the stalls, the guests who were coming were served by women in shirts and mini pants.

The stall owners deliberately sell liquor with high alcohol content to visitors.

According to him, the officers have sent warning letters to the building owners so that they with their own consciousness dismantle the stalls, if done by Satpol PP with heavy equipment it would cause the materials destroyed.

Previously, the Pasar Kemis Police Squared the operation of the conditions in the month of Ramadan and arrested six prostitutes who were hawking themselves to guests at the stall.

Police also seized 2,600 bottles of liquor of various brands illegally sold by vendors during Ramadan in Kutabumi Village, Pasar Kemis Sub-district.

The liquor was confiscated from two vendors, Tm (45) and Yl (50) from a shop and a warehouse.