Wednesday, 17 July 2019 | 17:36 WIB

Minister of Home Affairs Issues Circular Letter on Preparedness to Prevent Terror Acts

Tjahjo Kumolo

JAKARTA, NNC - Minister of Home Affairs, Tjahjo Kumolo issued Circular Letter No. 300/3037 / SJ on Increasing the Preparedness and Involvement of Local Government in Anticipating Public Disorderly and Public Peace, in order to address the rampant acts of terror.

As written in Jakarta on Friday, the circular issued on May 17, 2018 and aims to improve preparedness and realize the implementation of public order and peace in community and protection of society from acts of terrorism that occurred today.

The points contained in the circular letter are as follows:

First, ordering the whole range of National Unity and Politics Board and Municipal Police (Satpol PP) and Community Protection to increase the preparedness and active involvement of maintaining public order and peace of community and protection of society in their respective areas after the applicable "Standard Operating Procedure".

Second, the Minister of Home Affairs instructed to optimize the role of forums such as the Community Awareness Forum (FKDM), the Forum for Religious Harmony (FKUB) and the National Reform Forum (FPK) and other community organizations in the context of early detection, early deterrence and potential settlement of disorder and peace and protection of society.

Third, increasing security patrols in vital objects, government and private offices, houses of worships, boarding houses, and rented houses, and crowded public places in order to prevent potential public disturbances and maintain public peace and to ensure protection of the community.

Fourth, reactivate the Environmental Security System (Siskamling) through neighborhood patrol in each region up to the level of hamlet unit and neighborhood unit. And enable the reporting for guest 1x24 hours to hamlet/neighborhood head in their environment.

Fifth, coordinate, integrate and synchronize with the Forum of Local Leadership (Forkopimda) in addressing, resolving strategic issues that potentially disturb peace and public order which impact political stability.

Sixth, appeal to the head of the regional apparatus organization, whether in the districts or cities, business actors and other stakeholders to participate in installing billboards or banners containing calls or appeals to condemn and not fear terrorism.

Seventh, submit a report in writing to the Minister of Home Affairs for every development of the situation and condition of public order and peace of society and protection of the community in their respective regions.

Reports can be submitted via email:, faximile at (021) 34830932 / (021) 3143426, via WhatsApp application on 082147641384 and via Telegram number 082147641384 and BBM DCAE7241.

This letter is carbon copied (cc) to the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs, State Secretary, Commander of Indonesia Armed Forces, Chief of National Police, Chairman of Regional People’s Representatives throughout Indonesia, Head of Satpol PP throughout Indonesia, and Head of Directorate General of National Unity and Politics Agency throughout Indonesia.