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Riau Police and Densus 88 Detain Suspected Terrorists and Families

Riau Police and Densus 88 Detain Suspected Terrorists and Families.

JAKARTA, NNC - The joint team of Riau Police and Special Detachment (Densus) 88 Counterterrorism detained eight suspected terrorists in Dumai City, with some of them known to still have blood relations with suspected terrorists attacking Riau Police Headquarters.

"Some of them have family relations," said Head of Riau Police Public Relations Division, Adjunct Senior Commission of Police Sunarto in Pekanbaru, Thursday (5/17/2018), as reported by Antara.

He detailed to the eight suspected terrorists who were detained by the joint team were arrested at some point in Dumai City following the attack in Riau Police Headquarters on Wednesday morning.

Dumai is a municipality that is about five hours drive from Pekanbaru City.

In the incident, four terrorist suspects were killed by hot bullets of Riau Police personnel. They are Mursalim aka Ical aka Mr. Ngah (42), Suwardi (28), Adi Sufyan (26) and Daud (45).

Meanwhile, he said that eight suspected terrorists are still undergoing inspections at Dumai Police HQ with initials HAR, NI, US, SW, HD, YEP, DS and SY aka IJ.

HAR, said Sunarto, is a biological brother of Suwardi, one of the suspects shot dead in the incident attack of Riau Police HQ. In addition to HAR, the police also detained NI, Suwardi's biological mother.

SW is also known to be the mother of the suspect Adi Sufiyan. HD and YEP are younger brother of Adi Sufiyan, who is also one of Riau Police HQ terror suspects.

Furthermore, Sunarto said that Mr. Ngah was the leader of the terror group attacking Riau Police HQ. "Mr. Ngah is the leader, but we do not know from which group," he said.

Meanwhile, the families are allegedly affiliated with the group of attackers. Even so, he said it is still exploring the eight suspects with an intensive examination held at Dumai Police HQ.