Monday, 17 June 2019 | 12:44 WIB

Terrorists Attack Riau Police HQ

Illustration: Terrorism.

PEKANBARU, NNC -  Riau Police Headquarters was attacked by suspected terrorists who drove Toyota Avanza minibus by crashing into a number of police officers who were on guard at the entrance.

Based on the information summarized in the field, the incident occurred on Wednesday (5/16/2018) morning at around 9 am when Riau Police Chief Inspector General Nandang was going to give the press release of the case of narcotics.

Suddenly a unit of white Avanza minibus broke in through the northern gate.

A member of Provost of Riau Police collapsed and two journalists who will cover the press release were also wounded on the head and parts of his body due to being hit by the car.

After crashing into the entrance gate of Riau Police Headquarters, two people were driving out.

Armed with a samurai, they tried to attack the police who were at the guard post.

In a short time, both of them managed to be disabled.

There has been no official information from this incident. However, the current situation in Riau Police Headquarters is worrying.

However, in the incident there was an explosion heard from within the Riau Police Headquarters.

Several times also there was sound of gunfire heard from inside the building.

Until this news was revealed, at least two ambulances coming in and going out of the Riau Police Headquarters building, as quoted from Antara.

According to the last report three policemen were injured, one of whom died and the victim was taken to Bhayangkara Hospital.