Friday, 23 Augst 2019 | 00:31 WIB

Meth is More Expensive than Gold in Indonesia

Disclosure of drug case by BNN.

BANDUNG, NNC - Deputy Community Development of National Narcotics Agency (BNN) Inspector General of Police Dunan Ismail said one gram of methamphetamine (meth) is priced much higher than one gram of gold or precious metals.

"And why do many drugs come to Indonesia, that's because the market share is big and price of meth is more expensive than gold or precious metal per gram, one gram of meth can be IDR1.8-2 million while the gold is only IDR400-600 thousand," said Inspector General Dunan Ismail in Bandung, Sunday (4/15/2018).

Met after a campaign on a drug hazard talk show held by Citilink Indonesia-BNN, Dunan said based on research conducted by BNN and Universitas Indonesia (UI) the prevalence of drug users in 2017 reached 1.77 percent or 3.3 million Indonesians become drug abusers.

"The prevalence figure in 2014, we were still in the figure of two point something, that's up to five million. But the latest research results became 1.7 or about 3.3 million people. As from the prevalence number there has been a decline. I think that resulted from our mutual works," he said.

According to him, the government is committed to constrain the number of drug users in Indonesia every year.

"That's from Bappenas [National Development Planning Agency], we already have parameters so we can keep the rate of this prevalence increment in the figure 0.05. So we in 2019 must have already been in the figure 0.05," he said.

Until now, he added, there are 71 types of new drugs coming into Indonesia so it takes cooperation from all parties to combat the dangers of illicit goods.

"And we also have rehabilitation-related functions. Those 3.3 million drugs users what we have to save, otherwise they'll all be taken by dealers. So, if anyone is got hit by drugs immediately report to BNN or the police, there will be no penalty. In fact, if there are parties like in the family got drug but do not report this can even be subject to legal sanctions," he said, quoted from Antara.

He said BNN will continue to hold all components of society such as airlines in Indonesia to come together to fight the dangers of drugs.

"So the BNN actually does not just partner with the airlines but the entire community. But indeed airline is one of very important components, where the services are used by the public and the safety factor should be the number one," he said.

"One of the most important is all human resources in the airline must be completely clean of drugs because it is related to safety factors as well," he continued.