Tuesday, 20 April 2021 | 17:41 WIB

Airfast Indonesia Aircraft Performs Emergency Landing in Batam

Airfast Indonesia's Twin Otter Aircraft

BATAM, NNC - Airfast Indonesia's twin otter aircraft had an emergency landing at Ocarina Beach, Batam, Saturday (3/10/2018).

Fortunately, all of the cabin crew and passengers who were foreign nationals were not injured and survived. They came from the United States, Australia and Africa.

General Manager of Batam Hang Nadim Airport, Suwarso said the PK OCK double-propeller amphibious aircraft performed an emergency landing because its hydraulic landing gear was damaged and could not open.

"This American-made aircraft was a charter plane booked by one of the companies in Singapore to transport passengers from Singapore who wanted to visit Bawah Island.  There was no problem during flight, but the hydraulic system could not open during landing at Hang Nadim Airport," said Suwarso.

Airfast Indonesia pilot, continued Suwarso, tried to fix the hydraulic system during flight through the panel in the cockpit but failed.

"That was when the pilot decided to look for the nearest landing alternative from the point of flight.There were two alternate points selected initially, namely in the waters of Marina and on the beach Ocarina," explained Suwarso.

Of the two alternative landing points, he continued, the pilot selected Ocarina beach because it was closer to Hang Nadim airport.