Friday, 19 July 2019 | 04:24 WIB

Officers Find 1.5 Hectare Cannabis Field in the Tor Sihite Mountains


MEDAN, NNC - Sub-Detachment of Military (Denpom) officers  of the1/ 2-7 Mandailing Natal, North Sumatra, found a 1.5-hectare marijuana field in the Tor Sihite mountains, Rao-Rao Dolok Village, Tambangan Sub-district.

Head of the Print Media Pendam I/Bukit Barisan, Major Inf Yamin Sohar, in Medan, Sunday, said they confiscated around 2,500 plants.

On Saturday (3/3/2018) at around 20:00 Western Indonesia Time (WIB), according to him, Dansubdenpom 1/2-7 Mandailing Natal Captain CPM Zuhaili and four personnel carried out patrols in the village of Rao-Rao Dolok.

"Then, at 24.00 WI, the patrol team arrived at Rao Village and coordinated with the local people, then left for the Tor Sihite mountains on foot with six people," said Major Inf Yamin.

The next day they arrived at the site and found the field and seized around 1,000 ready-to-harvest marijuana plants, and around 1,500 three-month-old marijuana plants as evidence.

The Denpom team, assisted by the community, pulled and burned the marijuana plants.

In addition, Dempom officials also set fire to a cottage that had been built by a marijuana farme.

"There were 14 cannabis trees that have been confiscated as evidence," said Major Yamin.