Saturday, 25 May 2019 | 10:38 WIB

Bareskrim Pursues Financiers and Customers of Hoax Services by MCA

Illustration: Hoax.

JAKARTA, NNC - Criminal Investigation Agency (Bareskrim) of National Police (Polri) dismantles the network of hate speech spreader, the Muslim Cyber Army (MCA) group. Currently, the Cyber Crime Team of Police Bareskrim is hunting for financiers and customers of hoax services by MCA.

The Director of Cyber Crime of Police Bareskrim Brigadier General of Police Fadil Imran confirmed that Police are going to explore the main actors and capital owners of the MCA group.

"There is no [main perpetrator or mastermind of] MCA it is under investigation. We are deepening who sends order and from where [they] get the capital so [they] can do activities like this," said Fadil at Police Bareskrim, Wednesday (2/28/2018).

Fadil said Police also pursue the identity of hoax subscribers to MCA. Their relation to certain organizations or individuals will be investigated as well.

Fadil also suspects that there are a number of fund flows in each MCA network spreading the hoax news. This is evident from the structured MCA work system.

This MCA group is a structured group that spreads false news and hate speech. There are four networks that work in charge of collecting, planning, spreading and attacking other groups to get the hoax news dispersed successfully.

The Police Bareskrim has arrested six other suspected perpetrators, including ML (39) an employee arrested in Jakarta, RS (38) an employee arrested in Bali, RC arrested in Palu, and Yus arrested in Sumedang and TAW (40) who was arrested in Yogyakarta.