Tuesday, 18 June 2019 | 14:05 WIB

Minister of Sport Wants Olympians to be Motivators at the 2018 Asian Games

Minister of Sport Imam Nahrawi when receiving Indonesia’s olympians.

JAKARTA, NNC - Minister of Sport Imam Nahrawi accompanied by Deputy of Sports Culture Raden Isnanta and Deputy of Sports Achievement Mulyana, welcomed Chairman of Indonesian Olympian Association (IOA) Yayuk Basuki along with her entourage at Graha Pemuda, Senayan, Central Jakarta. 

The former Indonesian Tennis Queen presented a report that the IOA wants to partner with the Ministry of Sport in boosting the achievement of athletes at the 2018 Asian Games.

Yayuk reported that the organization of the former Olympic athletes has completed the National Conference and resulted in new leadership for 2018-2022 to continue the previous one led by Richard Sam Bera.

As the new leadership era coincided with the big Asian Games event this year, it is a great opportunity for IOA to play an active role in supporting the success of the Asian Games.

"Thank you for accepting us, we to be a partner of the Ministry in succeeding the Asian Games," said Yayuk who is also member of Commission X of the House of Representatives.

Yayuk also added her high appreciation of the Ministry tireless effort of visiting training camps of all sports branches.

"We express our high appreciation that the Minister always visits national training camps, in addition to knowing the real condition on the field. These visits will also boast the athletes’ spirit because they feel the government's attention and support," she added.

The Minister himself was also very grateful to athletes and former athletes, especially olympians and considered their experiences as priceless and should be shared to other athletes as motivations.

"Thank you for the support of Mbak Yayuk Basuki and my IOA friends, I ask the Deputy IV to immediately follow up on this proposed partnership. I hope the olympians’ experiences can be shared as motivations, encouragement for athletes who will compete in the Asian Games. For the next visit to national training campts, I would also liked to be accompanied by olympians to share their experiences and motivate our athletes," said the Minister.