Tuesday, 21 May 2019 | 03:34 WIB

Ministry of Health Prepares Regulation on Vape

Ministry of Health Prepares Regulation on Vape

JAKARTA, NNC - Head of Sub Directoy of Cancer and Blood Diseases of Ministry of Health, Niken Wastu Palupi revealed the Ministry is preparing regulation on electric cigarette (vape).

According to Niken, regulations will be made because just as smoking is one of the lowest types of drugs, the liquid for vape is considered to be another type of drug.

"Regulations will be made by the Ministry of Health and across sectors, if according to the Standard Operating (SOP), the regulation will alsobe from the Minister of Health Regulation then increased to Government Regulation (PP)," Niken said recently to NNC in Jakarta.

She explained, vape is equally dangerous with cigarettes, if not more, because the chemical content on vape is not known for sure.

"Vape is added fluid and it's the most dangerous because we do not know what the exact content is, we do not know the levels of poison, tar and nicotine," she said.

Niken also disagrees that vape is an effort to reduce smoking addiction because vape also contains dopamine that makes users feel comfortable and addictive.

"Cigarette has a clear level of how much nicotine it has, but vape liquid is added continuously, so as sisha," said Niken.