Tuesday, 18 February 2020 | 19:08 WIB

Cultural Heritage Preservation Hall Confirms Trik Site is Part of Majapahit Kingdom

The discovery of Alas Trik Site that originated from the time of Majapahit Kingdom in Sidoarjo.

SIDOARJO, NNC - Cultural Heritage Preservation Hall (BPCB) of East Java stated that the existing Trik Site in Kedung Bocok Village, Sidoarjo, is part of Majapahit Kingdom civilization.

Section Head of Protection of Utilization of Cultural Heritage Utilization of BPCB East Java, Widodo, Wednesday (2/7/2018), confirm a site has been discovered in Kedung Bocok Village and it is estimated that it is part of the civilization of Majapahit Kingdom.

"We still have to do a deeper study to find out about the existence of the site, but if you look at the structure, the site is part of a fence," he said when confirmed at the site discovery site.

He explained, with the discovery, it can be concluded that human civilization occured on the location based on the discovery of pottery.

"For the time being, the excavation was stopped because to dig a site requires special technique and also its own expertise, one of them is data colleection for every 10 centimeters and also everything must be fully documented," he said.

Sebelumnya, warga Desa Kedung Bocok, Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur, menemukan sebuah susunan batu bata yang diduga sebagai situs purbakala peninggalan kerajaan Majapahit.

Previously, a resident of Kedung Bocok Village, Sidoarjo, East Java, found an arrangement of bricks suspected as an archaeological site of the Majapahit kingdom.

Head of Kedung Bocok Village, Mochamad Ali Ridho, said the discovery of the site happened a week ago by residents who were planting cassava.

"At that time, Paiman, one of our citizens, dug the land to be used for cassava planting, but suddenly his hoe hit brick and then after it was dug, it turned out to be a neatly arranged bricks," he said, quoted from Antara.