Tuesday, 18 February 2020 | 20:45 WIB

Residents Find Ancient Site of Majapahit Kingdom

The discovery of Alas Trik Site that originated from the time of Majapahit Kingdom in Sidoarjo.

SIDOARJO, NNC - Residents began arriving to take a closer look at the discovery site of the brick structure that is suspected as an AlasTrik Site in Kedung Bocok Village, Sidoarjo, East Java.

One of the residents, Alfian, Wednesday (2/7/2018) said he deliberately came to the location because of curiosity with information circulating in social media.

"Since it was in social media some time ago, I and my colleagues came to this place to prove whether there is indeed the discovery of the site," he said in Sidoarjo.

He said the relics of the historic era, especially from the Majapahit Kingdom, must be maintained so as not to be abused by irresponsible people.

"Therefore, the participation of the local government should be maximized, so that the existence of this site can be maintained and preserved," he said.

He hopes, what has been found in this region, can be used as a place of education for children in Sidoarjo District and also from other areas.

"Thus, our grandchildren will be able to know about the history and also the relics of the former kingdom, in this case the Majapahit Kingdom," he said.

Previously, residents of Kedung Bocok Village, Sidoarjo, East Java found a brick structure, allegedly thought of as an Alas Trik Site of the Majapahit kingdom.

Head of Kedung Bocok Village, Mochamad Ali Ridho, said the discovery of the site has been going on since a week ago when there were residents planting cassava, as reported by Antara.