Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 09:40 WIB

Ahead of Legislative Election, Some Politicians Switch to Gerindra Party

Some politicians switched to Gerindra Party.

JAKARTA, NNC - Ahead of upcoming Legislative Elections (Pileg) in 2019, a number of politicians claim to have joined the party created by Prabowo Subianto, Gerindra Party. Some of the politicians are from Hanura, Golkar and Perindo.

Some politicians who cross into the wagons of Gerindra are including former Vice Chairman of Hanura of Jakarta Regional Executive Board (DPD) Rahmat HS, former Chairman of West Jakarta Golkar Branch Executive Board (DPC) Siti Zaojah and former Treasurer of Perindo Party Regional Executive Board (DPW) Vivi Effendi.

Rahmat said ineffective party machines during the legislative election became one of the reasons for him to join Gerindra.

"My goal to join Gerindra frankly is because I want to become a member of the legislature. I have already three times tried and failed, this year is for the four times," said Rahmat HS, Wednesday (2/7/2018)

"I am sure my willingness to serve the citizens of Jakarta through parliament can be realized. InshaAllah [God willing] I can contribute one seat for Gerindra in 2019 Legislative Election," he continued.

Siti Zaojah also explained her reason for joining Gerindra. Zaojah who is the Chairman of Jakarta Youth Organization (Karang Taruna) admitted, the vision and mission of Gerindra are in line with her thinking in politics.

She also promised to invite as many followers in West Jakarta area, to join Gerindra.

"As a former Chairman of West Jakarta Golkar DPC I have many sympathizers and friends. I have communicated with them, and almost all agreed to follow my steps," Zaojah said.

Responding to this, Chairman of Gerindra of Jakarta DPD Mohamad Taufik confirmed that Rahmat HS and Siti Zaojah have joined Gerindra. In fact, some other party cadres, such as from Perindo, PPP, and Nasdem have also joined.

"We are very open and let anyone join, as long as they have a view that is in line with Gerindra," he said.