Wednesday, 17 July 2019 | 17:42 WIB

Minister of Transportation Threatens to Revoke License of Pilots on Drugs

Inspection of Citilink airline’s pilots

JAKARTA, NNC - Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi spoke in connection with the case of Citilink airline’s pilots, AK and AS, who were arrested at Hang Nadiem Airport, Batam for taking drugs.

Budi said the pilots should be punished according to the mistakes made in the aviation world. Including revoking flight permits for pilots who consume narcotics.

"If it’s true (drugs) were consumed, there is no other way except to revoke their license," said Budi Karya, Saturday (12/302017).

However, Budi hopes the case will not reduce public trust in the airline. 

"We will evaluate the airline and together with Pak Budi Waseso we will create a format on how to shoot a mouse without burning the house," said Budi.

Cases of pilots consuming narcotics is not a new story. In the world of international aviation, similar cases have also occurred.

The Ministry of Transportation will make a study on lifestyle in the world of aviation, especially pilots. "We will make a barricade so it no longer exists," said Budi Karya.