Wednesday, 17 July 2019 | 17:24 WIB

Ustad Somad Deported from Hong Kong, House Commission I Asks Foreign Ministry to React Quickly

Ustaz Somad who was deported from Hong Kong.

JAKARTA, NNC - Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission I Abdul Kharis Almasyhari said the House asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to move quickly after Ustad Abdul Somad is deported by a number of people once arrived in Hong Kong.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the Directorate of Protection of Indonesian Citizens (WNI) and Legal Entities of Indonesia (BHI) abroad under the Directorate General of Protocol and Consular Affairs may ask Hong Kong immigration, why deported Ustad Abdul Somad, so it is clear and no prejudices," said Abdul Kharis Almasyhari in a statement, Sunday (12/24/2017).

Kharis explained that the safety of Indonesian citizens abroad should be prioritized. It needs to be enforced as long as the citizen understands the procedures and conditions in the destination country.

"The protection for Indonesian citizens abroad is a top priority for the Foreign Affairs Ministry, if all citizens have met the requirements and procedural and legal administration to enter the territory of another country and then are deported, we are entitled to ask what is wrong from the relevant citizen," he explained.

"But the Indonesian people need to be given understanding and awareness that they should be able to protect themselves. Indonesian citizens who will travel abroad must understand the procedures, the provisions applicable both in Indonesia and in destination countries, rights and obligations. It is our collective responsibility to provide that understanding," Kharis added.

Previously, Ustad Abdul Somad admitted experiencing unfavorable treatment when visiting Hong Kong. He explained it through his Facebook fanpage.

"They explained that their country could not accept me. That's it, for no reason. They immediately took me to the same plane for departure at 4 pm to Jakarta," said Ustad Somad.