Tuesday, 20 April 2021 | 16:45 WIB

Jakarta Metro Police Instructs All Resort Police Chiefs to Anticipate Sweeping

Jakarta Metro Police Chief Inspector General of Police Idham Azis.

JAKARTA, NNC - Ahead of Christmas and New Year 2018, Jakarta Metro Police Chief Inspector General of Police Idham Azis requested a number of resort police within the Jakarta Metro Police (PMJ) region to conduct security and anticipate sweeping action by certain parties during Christmas and New Year 2018.

"I have ordered the whole resort police chiefs to prevent thing as sweeping issues during Christmas, it should not be," said Idham in Jakarta, Friday (12/8/2017).

He said that all the resort police chiefs in the area of Jakarta Metro Police had gone out and coordinated with local mass organizations not to conduct sweeping.

"We have to guarantee that the celebration of Christmas by our brothers can run safely, smoothly, orderly. We are in the country of Indonesia, all is guaranteed by the state," he added.

Previously reported, Jakarta Metro Police will prepare two-thirds of the power to secure the course of Christmas and New Year 2018 activities later.

"The ranks of PMJ are ready to carry out the security of Christmas and New Year," said Idham.

He said the Christmas security plan by candlelight operation will begin on December 23, 2017 until January 1, 2017.

"God willing by December 22 (2017) we will then carry out the troop ceremony in Monas [National Monument]," added Idham.