Tuesday, 11 Augst 2020 | 17:40 WIB

Mobile Brigade Post at Freeport Gets Shot at Again

A Brimob officer in Papua (ist)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - After an attack that caused the death of one member of the Indonesia National Police (Polri) Mobile Brigade (Brimob) officers occurred some time ago, another attack has happened again in the area of Freeport on Sunday (29/10/2017) at around 10:35 local time.

The Brimob post in MP66 area of Freeport Indonesia, Tembagapura, Timika, Papua was shot by a group of unknown people.

"Our members were being shot at from an altitude from the left side from mile 68," said Police Chief Commissioner AM Kamal, Head of Public Relations at Papua Police, on Sunday (29/10/2017).

Kamal said, the members of Brimob had replied to the shots several times. "Our members counted five shots," he said.

Commander Battalion B Brimob Mimika who happened to cross the scene immediately went to the shooting location.

"The joint forces of the Brimob and Indonesian Military (TNI) Task Force are pursuing the perpetrators of the shootings that allegedly fled to the Hidden Valley MP66 area," he said.

Currently, Kamal said, four personnel of Satgas TNI BC64 and the standby zone patrol team at Hidden Valley MP66 intersection.

Kamal added, a number of additional personnel from Mapolres and other Brimob task force were also deployed to assist the pursuit.

Meanwhile, employees and residents who were in the vicinity of the shootings were evacuated to Sporthhall MP68.