Thursday, 22 October 2020 | 04:38 WIB

Gunturia the Elephant Gives Birth to Female Calf

illustration: elephant calf (twistedsister)

LAMPUNG TIMUR, NETRALNEWS.COM - A female elephant at the Way Bungur Elephant Respond Unit in Way Kambas National Park (TNWK), Lampung, has given birth to a female calf.

Subakir, Head TNWK, said the elephant, named Gunturia, gave birth to a female calf on Saturday (10/21/2017) night at 20:30.

The former head of the Natural Resources Conservation Center (KSDA) of Lampung said the female elephant calf is 99 centimeters  long, with body circumference of 108 centimeters, height of 76 centimeters height, and weight of 87 kilograms.

He said both the elephant mother and her calf are healthy.

Some time ago also a child of female elephants has been born in good health in the woods of Way Kambas National Park.

Subakir describes the baby elephant born from its mother named Riska, weighing 85 kilograms and is currently in good health.

Forest TNWK is a national park of elephant protection in Lampung Province precisely in Labuhan Ratu District, East Lampung Regency, with an area of ​​125,621.3 hectares.

In Way Kambas forest there is also a school elephant (Elephant Training Center / Way Kambas Elephant Conservation Center).

TNWK was established in 1985 and developed the first elephant school in Indonesia with the initial name of the Way Kambas Elephant Training Center (PLG) Way Kambas, and became known as the Way Kambas Elephant Conservation Center (PKG) which is expected to become an elephant conservation center in taming, training, breeding and conservation .