Friday, 27 November 2020 | 16:25 WIB

House Commission III: Anti-Corruption Special Detachment Will Stake Police Reputation

Member of House Commission III Nasir Djamil (left).

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Member of House Commission III Nasir Djamil assessed the establishment of Special Detachment of Anti-Corruption Crime (Densus Tipikor) will stake the National Police (Polri) reputation.

This is because the special detachment is established by the Police institution and given an opportunity to help eradicate corruption crime, and if it does not work it would increase public distrust of the Bhayangkara Corps (Polri).

"If it is really formed, the Densus stakes the police so the formation of the Densus becomes the answer to the public question," Nasir said when contacted in Jakarta, Tuesday (10/17/2017).

Later, Nasir explained the work of Anti-Corruption Special Detachment has the authority and rights that are still based on the Police Law as it is today. Of course, this is still different from the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

Whereas, the KPK has great authority, ranging from examination, investigation, and wiretapping. Unlike the police who have to pass the investigation and court permission.

"So it cannot be compared with the KPK," he said.

This politician from Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) expects the anti-corruption crime special unit to support the strengthening of coordination, synergy among the three legal institutions, Police, Attorney General, and the KPK.

"At the end of the formation of the Special Detachment, if the police have been re-trusted by the public to handle corruption cases then the KPK is predicted to be transformed into a unit that may be incorporated with the Ombudsman," he explained.