Tuesday, 31 March 2020 | 16:46 WIB

Indonesia, S. Korea Cooperate in Manufacturing Submarines, Fighter Aircraft

Cooperation in defense sector between the governments of Indonesia and S. Korea. (garudamiliter)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The government of Indonesia and the government of South Korea hold the first meeting of High-Working Level Strategic Dialogue (HWLSD) to discuss defense cooperation, particularly for manufacturing submarines and fighter aircraft.

"This is the first meeting which we called trategic dialogue between South Korea and Indonesia. We 'review' achieved progress, specifically we call it defense cooperation," said Deputy Foreign Minister A.M. Fachir in Jakarta, Monday (2/6/2017).

The High-Working Level Strategic Dialogue (HWLSD) meeting was co-chaired by Deputy Foreign Minister of Indonesia A.M. Fachir and Deputy of Foreign Minister of South Korea Lim Sung-nam at Pancasila Building, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

At the meeting, the governments of both countries discussed cooperation to make submarine that is manufactured in South Korea and assembled in Indonesia.

"The submarines are produced there [S. Korea] but assembled here. Hopefully the process is fast, when the procedure is fast then immediately assembled in Surabaya," said Deputy Minister Fachir.

He said the bilateral cooperation in defense sector which was discussed at the meeting was about the cooperation between Indonesia and South Korea in the manufacture of fighter aircraft KF-X / IF-X. However, said Fachir, cooperation in manufacture of aircraft was still hampered by licensing issue from the United States.

KF-X / IF-X is a program of South Korea and Indonesia to develop advanced multi-function combat aircraft for the air forces of both countries.

"Joint development of this plane, there was some 'pending', particularly about a license from the US. Not only Indonesia, but also Korea," he said.

Several other agenda discussed in the meeting of the strategic dialogue is bilateral cooperation in economics, social, cultural, consular and labor.

In addition to discussing bilateral issues, deputy ministers of Indonesia and South Korea also share insights on strategic issues at regional and global levels concerning the interests of both countries.

Meanwhile, the Republic of Korea, Indonesia is an important partner in the region, especially in the fields of economy and trade.

At the meeting, both deputy foreign ministers have identified strategic partnership realized through bilateral cooperation. The second meeting will be held in South Korea in 2019. (*)