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Indonesian Students Win Grandmaster of Memory Titles at Asia Memory Championship

Indonesian Students Win Grandmaster of Memory Titles at Asia Memory Championship

BEIJING, NETRALNEWS.COM - Two High School students from Indonesia have won two Grandmaster of Memory (GMM) titles from the Asian Memory Championship in Hong Kong on 26-27 August 2017.

“The two GMM titles were won by Fakhri Shafly E from SMA 26 Jakarta and Shafa Annisa R from SMK Kesatuan Bangsa Yogyakarta,” said Yudi Lesmana, Indonesian Chairman of Memory Sports Council to Antara in Beijing on Thursday (8/31/2017).

Fakhri managed to recall 722 random numbers and eight decks of cards in 30 minutes, while Shafa managed to recall 680 random numbers and seven decks of cards in 30 minutes.

"They both also managed to remember one deck of cards each in 60.54 seconds and 58 seconds," said Yudi.

Both also managed to collect a total of 3,000 points in the competition, which is followed by 13 countries, despite the competition being slightly hampered by the Parkhar T8 storm.

The results they achieved had met the minimum requirements of GMM achievement set by the International Memory Agency.

The championships in Kowloon, Hong Kong contested 10 races, 15 minutes to remember face and name, 15 minutes to remember random word sequence, 30 minutes to remember random binary numbers, five minutes to remember random numbers, five minutes to remember random drawing, 30 minutes recalling random numbers, 30 minutes recalled the shuffled card sequence, five minutes given the year and incident, recalling random numbers spoken in one-second interval frames, and recalling as fast as one deck of playing cards consisting 52 cards has been shuffled.

"The tenth number of the race aims to sharpen and sharpen the ability of one's concentration and memory so that the race is a place to strengthen the muscles of the brain," said Yudi.

In the event Indonesia must compete with participants from Germany, USA, Taiwan, China, Mongolia, Macau, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Hong Kong as the host.

In addition to winning the GMM title, Fakhri won silver medal and Fatima Aiko from SMP Salman Alfarisi Bandung won bronze on the number of the race remember the face and name. Shafa also grabbed a bronze in a number number.

In the championship, Indonesia ranked fourth under Mongolia, Germany, and China.

Asia Memory Championship 2017 is one of the series to the IAM World Memory Championship World Championships held in Jakarta on 1-3 December 2017.

"The achievement of the children in this event is expected to inspire other Indonesian children to achieve with the international scale and not easily give up in reaching the goals," said Yudi accompanied by the Coordinator of Information and Social Affairs Culture Consulate General of Indonesia in Hong Kong, Yuni Suryati .