Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 07:51 WIB

Home Affairs Minister: Secretary of West Java Must Resign before Engaging in Gubernatorial Race

Home Affairs Minister Tjahjo Kumolo

BANDUNG, NETRALNEWS.COM - Minister of Home Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo has asked Iwa Karniwa, Secretary to the Province of West Java, to resign from his position if he wants to advance to the 2018 West Java gubernatorial election.

"Everyone has the right to participate in the election. However, if those who hold government positions should first resign from their position,” he said to reporters at Holiday Inn Hotel, Bandung, West Java, Tuesday (8/22/2017).

He said the position of regional secretary is a professional position that is regulated in the State Civil Apparatus Law, while governor and deputy governors hold political positions.

Tjahjo said that concentration of the regional secretary can be divided if he participates in politics, which may cause disruption in the local government.

"If sekda follow-up political positions, yes governance so dispersed," he said.

The Minister has reminded the Secretary of West Java Providence to resign from his post prior to participating in the 2018 West Java gubernatorial race to keep the wheels of government running optimally.

He said, the desire to become a political official is a legitimate choice for anyone, including government officials.

However, Tjahjo hopes that candidates from the government will continue to prioritize political ethics and follow the rules in accordance with state civil apparatus Law.

If the governor as regional head is disturbed by the nomination of regional secretary, Tjahjo said, the governor has the authority to propose his successor.