Friday, 19 July 2019 | 04:21 WIB

2,500 Dancers Ready to Enliven Bandung International Art Festival

Bandung International Art Festival

Jakarta, NNC - Some 2,500 domestic and foreign dancers are prepared to enliven the Bandung International Art Festival (BIAF) on July 28-29 2018.

"During their peak event, they will be dancing with Jaipongan Dance, Daun Pulus Keser Bojong" Head of Cultural and Art Product Development Section of the Bandung Tourism and Culture Department, Titin Kuswiatin, said in Bandung on Thursday.

The BIAF 2018 is the 4th to be held by the Government of Bandung, with this year mostly involving domestic and foreign dancers.

Dozens of countries will be involved in the event including Germany, Netherland, Italy, Hungaria, Marocco, India, Malaysia, Japan, Cyprus, Russia, Australia, Thailand, and other countries. Local dancers will come from 10 cities/districts throughout Indonesia.

"India will have the most with 30 dancers, but it will have an average of more than 10 dancers from each country," Titin said.

The BIAF will be divided into two sessions.  On July 28, art performance will be held from each country in Cikapundung Riverspot, including performances of each region in Indonesia.

The peak event will take place on July 29, dancing with Jaipongan. The Tourism and Culture Department is still considering the location to hold the event, either in Batu Tempek Mandalajati or Babakan Siliwangi.

"The BIAF will not be performed on a stage, but in the open . So we are looking for a suitable place," said Titin.

Titin hopes the event will attract 3,000 visitors and is expected to become a media of cultural art preservation in the city of Bandung.