Wednesday, 17 July 2019 | 18:06 WIB

Cooperatives Ministry Teams up with Google to Promote Women Entrepreneurs in MSMEs

Office of Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs together with Google Indonesia synergizes by organizing a Womenwill conference to promote women entrepreneurs of MSME in Indonesia through appropriate technology, in Nusa Dua, Bali, Monday (8/15/2017).

"The progress of MSMEs in Indonesia is widely played by women. I also praise women in running their business or entrepreneurship, with their discipline in managing their business capital to continue to grow", said Deputy of Human Resource Development at Ministry of Cooperatives Prakoso BS, in his speech.

In front of more than 2,200 women participants, Prakoso invited to form a cooperative forum to maintain financial and business stability.

"By cooperating, the next step is to upgrade. I invite women of MSMEs to dare to upgrade in the shade of cooperative container", said Prakoso.

On the same occasion, Head of Public Policy and Government Relations at Google Indonesia, Shinto Nugroho, said the aim of the conference is to introduce the benefits of appropriate technology to improve access of women of MSMEs to markets and consumers.

"Also to open up the formation of community or informal network of women entrepreneurs", said Shinto.

According to Shinto, women in MSMEs will benefit enormously if joined in a formal or informal network.

"The goal is to interact with fellow entrepreneurs. In addition, the introduction and technology is still low for MSMEs in Indonesia, but women of MSMEs are using technology more often than men," said Shinto, adding that "efforts to introduce the technology that raises the probability to women of MSMEs should be encouraged." (*)