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Intiland Development Hands Over 25 Houses at Pekong Village, Tangerang

Intiland Development Hands Over 25 Houses at Pekong Village, Tangerang

TANGERANG, NETRALNEWS.COM - Listed Property developer Intiland Development (DILD.JK) has handed over 25 feasible homes selected citizens in Pekong Village, Saga Village, Tangerang District, Banten Province, as part of Intiland’s Lautan Teduh corporate social responsibility (CSR) program.

"Through the Lautan Teduh program, the company is committed to helping people find a comfortable life, and the assistance program is focused on the people living around our project development," said Theresia Rustandi, Corporate Secretary of Intiland Development on Sunday (8/6/2017).

Theresia explains that the program was conducted in partnership with Habitat (Habitat for Humanity), a non-profit company with experience of providing homes for low-income communities throughout Indonesia.

The company wants to grow together with the people living on the project development site. The location is chosen because it is close to Telaga Bestari residential area in Cikupa, Tangerang regency.

"The construction of 25 units of homes equipped with public sanitation facilities began on March 25, 2017, involving a number of parties and volunteers [from Intiland and Habitat] as well as local residents, including beneficiaries," Theresia said.

According to Theresia, with the involvement of residents who will occupy the house is expected they will have a sense of belonging and responsible for maintaining, for that Habitat also teaches how to manage a healthy home, and provide counseling on hygiene and a healthy lifestyle.

The Intiland Lautan Teduh program was launched in 2014, among them the development of Open Friendly Public Spaces for children in three urban villages [Karet Tengsin, Rawa Buaya, and Semper] in collaboration with Jakarta Provincial Government, Theresia said.

In addition, rental assistance for residents of three Rusunawa namely Pesakih, Pinus Elok, and Marunda. And the development of Rusunami with Real Estate Company Association of Indonesia (REI).