Wednesday, 22 May 2019 | 06:31 WIB

Polytron Receives Indonesian Global Brand Award for Pushing Forward Exports

Marketing Director of Polytron, Tekno Wibowo

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM – National household electronics manufacturer Polytron has received the 2017 Indonesian Global Brands award from SWA Magazine at an event at Ballroom of Shangri-La Hotel in Jakarta on Tuesday (7/18.

Its factory located in Central Java has produced many diverse products with excellence, ranging from audio, video, home appliances and mobile phone devices.

All innovations are also always developed, let alone Polytron also have independent research personnel. For example in the latest Neuva Ice AC, this air conditioner can reach temperatures of 18 ° C in seven minutes, which is a fast cooling process with a capacity of 40 percent faster than regular air conditioners.

Likewise in Belleza 3 refrigerator. This product also pinned the latest R 600A compressor technology, which can save energy and cooling also faster up to 15 percent compared to other refrigerators.

HFC compressors (Hydro Carbon) has been proven and recommended in the world as a compressor that is friendly and does not cause adverse effects on the environment.

Until now his achievements are quite resounding. Its products have been exported to more than 32 countries, eg Philippines, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Myanmar, Dominica Republic, UAE and Vietnam.

Until now, through excellence in the mastery of technology, Polytron has produced 9 patents granted to him (Patent Granted) and there are still 29 patents are still in the process of registration. A total of 38 patents are obtained in the United States of America, Canada and Indonesia.

All achievements have been achieved, ranging from the award of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, the award of the Ministry of Industry, the Minister of State for Research and Technology, Ministry of Environment and so forth.

Polytron has fulfilled the criteria as 2017 Indonesian Global Brand besides its mature age of 42 years of production, Polytron also has strong brand and brand, high brand awareness level, high satisfaction level, acceptable quality and Loyalty (loyality) is high.

Tekno Wibowo as Marketing Director of Polytron who attended the awards ceremony also conveyed his happiness on Polytron achievement, and hopes that in the coming year it can become a local brand that is successful worldwide.