Friday, 19 July 2019 | 05:26 WIB

Six Startups with the Largest Funding in Indonesia

Illustration: Startups (Lamudi)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The emergence of many start-up companies lately has become an interesting phenomenon, many of them were built with fantastic funding figure.

Well, following are six startup companies with the largest funding or investment value in Indonesia.



Go-Jek is a startup of ride-hailing application (in Indonesia this is called online transportation); the company founded by Nadiem Makarim has a staggering funding of $550 million (or IDR7.2 trillion) in last August 2016.    


2. Lamudi

In February 2016, Lamudi, global property portal, received funds amounting to $31.4 million to boost its business. Supported by Rocket Internet, Lamudi has strong position to dominate the property market in Indonesia. In 13 other countries wherein Lamudi is operating, the startup position is also strong because it is supported by a sophisticated quality portal and user-friendly.


3. Tokopedia

Tokopedia last year received an injection of investment worth $147 million (or equivalent to IDR1.9 trillion), thus the startup initiated by Wiliam Tanuwijaya and Leontinus Edison has gathered a total investment of $247.7 million. With the funding it is expected Tokopedia will become the biggest Android-based shopping app in Indonesia.


4. Elevenia

Launched in early 2014 with funding of $18.3 million is enough to make Elevenia has an important position in the e-commerce world. This platform received 20,000 transactions per day and has more than four million listings.


5. MatahariMall

Funds amounting to $100 million (or IDR1.3 trillion) have made a startup backed by Lippo Group as one of the kings in the e-commerce field. Plus, the support from Mitsui investment also increasingly strengthens MatahariMall and makes MM one of startups with unicorn status.


6. Oto is a platform that connects customers with the automobile manufacturers and distributors. The customers can look for prices, specifications, drawings and others about their desired car via the website. This startup has received a funding of $25 million in 2016 ago. (*)