Saturday, 25 May 2019 | 10:36 WIB

IDX: Only 25 Percent of Issuers Have Submitted 2018 Annual Reports

IDX: Only 25 Percent of Issuers Have Submitted 2018 Annual Reports (bursaefekindonesia)

JAKARTA NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) says it has received 150 issuer's audit financial statements for the 2018 financial year. That is, only 25 percent of the 625 listed companies have submitted these obligations.

Meanwhile, the deadline for submitting the annual audit financial report is March 31, 2019. "There are still two days to come, we will update again," said IDX Director of Corporate Valuation, Gede Nyoman Yetna Setia in Jakarta, Friday (29/3 / 2019).

From all of the financial statements, said Nyoman, it can be seen that in aggregate the total assets of the listed companies registered an increase of 9 percent, namely from IDR 6,703 trillion to IDR 7,416 trillion.

Meanwhile, the total equity of the 150 financial statements, on average, rose by eight percent to IDR 1,974 trillion from IDR 1,821 trillion in 2017.

Nyoman continued that net profits grew eight percent or IDR 19 trillion, from IDR 230 trillion in 2017 to IDR 248 trillion in 2018. Meanwhile, income rose 12 percent to IDR 1,752 trillion compared to IDR 1,752 trillion.

All companies listed on the IDX are categorized in various sectors. From the 2018 annual financial report data that has been entered, it is known that the net income of issuers in the agricultural sector declined by 61 percent compared to 2017.

"That's because of commodity prices, especially the decline due to the price of CPO (Crude Palm Oil) which reached 15 percent throughout 2018," explained Nyoman.

The decline was also recorded by all issuers in the basic industrial sector, which in aggregate fell 8 percent. In the financial sector, there was an increase in profit of 20 percent, mining rose 23 percent, infrastructure rose 33 percent. All other sectors are relatively stable or have not changed significantly.