Monday, 17 June 2019 | 12:02 WIB

MMKIS Opens 129th Dealer in Surabaya to Strengthen Network

MMKIS Opens 129th Dealer in Surabaya to Strengthen Network (mmksi)

SURABAYA, NNCPT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI), in collaboration with PT Srikandi Diamond Indah Motors, has inaugurated the 129th Mitsubishi passenger and commercial vehicle dealership throughout Indonesia, namely Mitsubishi Srikandi Diamond Indah Motors - Wiyung, Surabaya.

With the opening of this dealer, consumers in the Wiyung area will easily get services for Mitsubishi Motors vehicles.

This dealership is the first dealership in Wiyung, and was inaugurated by Irwan Kuncoro as Director of Sales & Marketing Division of PT MMKSI and Hokwirman Bachtiar as President Commissioner of PT Srikandi Diamond Indah Motors, and became the 38th dealer of MMKSI collaboration with Srikandi Group.

Dler is equipped with 3S facilities (sales, service, and spare parts) and has also used the latest visual identity concept that applies the "Drive Your Ambition" tagline.

In this month, MMKSI marks the 100,000 Xpander unit sales achieved in 18 months which is the fastest time to reach the total sales. The fastest selling, proves consumer enthusiasm for Mitsubishi's products and services which are very high.

To facilitate consumer enthusiasm, MMKSI continues to present sales and after-sales services with Mitsubishi Motors standards in all regions of Indonesia and one of them is by presenting our dealership in the Wiyung area.

"With the presence of this dealer, it is expected to continue to increase sales of Mitsubishi Motors products in Indonesia, especially in the Wiyung area and provide easier access for consumers to obtain products and services from Mitsubishi Motors," explained Irwan Kuncoro, Monday (18/3 /2019).

The location of this dealership is in an area with very rapid economic growth, where office and housing centers with residents in the middle to upper economic classes dominate this area.

These characteristics make Wiyung an area that has a good market potential for the MMKSI to present Mitsubishi Motors passenger and light vehicle dealers.

The presence of dealers in this area also complements the network coverage of Mitsubishi Motors dealers in Indonesia so that it can meet the increasing public interest in Mitsubishi Motors products. It was proven that the increase in public interest in the purchase of Mitsubishi Motors vehicles in the period of April 2018 - February 2019 nationally increased 47.1% compared to the same period.

To meet the people's needs for Mitsubishi Motors products and services, the Mitsubishi Srikandi Diamond Indah Motor dealership is equipped with Mitsubishi Motors passenger and light commercial vehicle line-up consisting of Xpander, Pajero Sport, Outlander Sport, Triton and L300.

Mitsubishi Xpander and Pajero Sport became the mainstay models, where Xpander won 32 percent market share in the West Surabaya area including Wiyung.

In addition, another flagship product of Mitsubishi Motors, the Pajero Sport also has positive achievements in this area with a market share of 44 percent.