Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 09:40 WIB

Indonesia Energy Ministry Conducts Road Test on Gasoline Equivalent to Euro 4

Indonesia Energy Ministry Conducts Road Test on Gasoline Equivalent to Euro 4 (special)

JAKARTA, NNC - The Indonesia Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has started the Euro 4 equivalent Gasoline Road Test (Road Test) to cover 40,000 kilometers. Head of the Energy and Mineral Resources Research and Development Agency, Dadan Kusdiana released a team of Research and Development Implementation Groups (KP3) Application Technology PPPTMGB Products "LEMIGAS" which began the road test the first route on the PPPTMGB "LEMIGAS" office yard, Jakarta, Saturday (16 / 3/2019).

When trying the vehicle used for road testing, Dadan Kusdiana said, "This activity is to prove that fuel equivalent to Euro 4 with lower sulfur will produce emissions that are more environmentally friendly".

Dadan explained that this activity will also be parallel with the B30 road test activity which will begin in May 2019.

"It is hoped that the Euro 4 Road Test Team will meet with the B30 Road Test Team in the field, and will be seen and informed to the wider community."

The road test for fuel equivalent to Euro 4 is based on the issuance of Minister of Environment and Forestry Regulation Number 20 / Setjen / Kum.1 / 3/2017 dated March 10, 2017 concerning Standard Quality of Motorized Vehicle Exhaust Emissions of New Type Category M, Category N and Category O This policy is one of the government's efforts to limit motorized vehicle emissions to be more environmentally friendly in stages.

The purpose of this road test is to find out the effect of the use of gasoline equivalent to Euro 4 on the performance of motorized gasoline-fueled engines, engine components and lubricating oil and to obtain a new gasoline-based product equivalent to Euro 4 and produce exhaust emissions that meet Euro 4 standards.

The Head of PPPTMGB "LEMIGAS" Setyorini Tri Hutami explained the stages of testing activities of Euro 4 equivalent gasoline including the provision of three types of gasoline Euro 4 fuel as test materials and two other comparative materials. Previously, the KP3 Application has tested the full fuel character specifications which refer to the specifications of the type 3 WWFC Gasoline Category.

Setyorini presented the PPPTMGB "LEMIGAS" in collaboration with the Center for Motor Thermodynamics and Propulsion Technology, the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology for testing exhaust emissions according to Euro 4 emissions. The next stage is testing engine component ratings at the beginning of the road test (0 km) and at the end of the road test (40,000 km). Furthermore, the KP3 Application also tests the performance of the Chassis Dynamometer and checks for lubricating oil under 0 km conditions. 10,000 km, 20,000 km, 30,000 km and 40,000 km.

"The initial results of the chassis static test and the results of the emission test are good", continued Setyorini.

This road test up to a distance of 40,000 km refers to the average mileage of a private vehicle for one year. This road test is divided into several routes and stages. The first route is Jakarta - Bogor - Pandeglang - Serang - Cilegon - Jakarta. The second route takes the city of Jakarta - Cikampek - Bandung - Jakarta. The last route includes Jakarta - Cikampek - Cirebon - Brebes - Tegal - Jakarta. This road test route will combine a variety of road conditions, such as toll roads, crowds and congestion. The road test will take place until August 2019.

"The hypothesis from the basis of testing is all good and hopefully the results of road tests are also good," Setyorini added.

During the road test, PPPTMGB "LEMIGAS" received the support of gasoline fuel equivalent to Euro 4 from Pertamina and the support of three vehicles from Toyota Indonesia. All stages of research begin on February 20 and are targeted for completion on September 24, 2019.