Monday, 17 June 2019 | 12:18 WIB

Pertamina Refinery’s Total Production in Plaju Reaches 36.3 Million Barrels per Year

Pertamina Refinery's Total Production in Plaju Reaches 36.3 Million Barrels per Year (special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS -- PT Pertamina Refinery Unit III (RU III) obtained 2018 operational with total RU III oil production reaching 103.4 percent compared to 2017, which increased from 35.2 million barrels / year to 36.3 million barrels / year.

General Manager of RU III, Yosua I. M Nababan said that the 2018 performance increased quite significantly supported by the optimization of engineering innovations in recovery waste oil, namely the method of upgrading unvaluable products into valuable products.

"It should be grateful, in the midst of uncertain world oil conditions (VUCA), RU III is able to increase production compared to 2017. The biggest contributor to the increase in production is influenced by the utilization of waste oil into valuable products, especially oil and gas with excellent quality," Yosua said in a written statement , Saturday (03/16/2019).

Recovery waste oil engineering is one of the breakthrough programs in maintaining the security of the supply of BBM in the Sumbagsel area and is claimed to be able to provide an increase in RU III margin of Rp 128.3 Billion / Year.

"Not only is the volume of oil production increasing, our petrochemical refineries producing plastic seeds have a target of 45,200 tons / year, equivalent to 102 percent of the 2018 target. In order to maintain the reliability of various petrochemical units, such as routine maintenance activities," explained Joshua.

Another achievement at the end of 2018 Plaju Refinery became a Green Refinery pilot project, which is processing palm oil into quality and environmentally friendly fuel. Skeme co-processing trials with RBDPO injection in stages 2.5 percent - 7.5 percent are capable of producing environmentally friendly fuels with octane numbers up to 91.3.

For 2019 Pertamina RU III targets total production of 36.23 million barrels / year with new challenges to continue running the Pertamina RU III Green Refinery program consistently and run the B20 program in accordance with government policies. Joshua welcomes that through the creation of environmentally friendly energy, the quality of life will be better.

Pertamina RU III continues to encourage the creation of innovation, value creation, and potential efficiency to make operations more efficient and competitive given the complex challenges of old refineries. Reviewing the HSE aspect, Pertamina RU III has received the World Safety Organization award with the highest achievement of Safe Work Hours, namely 84,427,230 million hours of safe work.

This achievement is inseparable from the best performance of all lines of RU III workers in maintaining optimal refinery reliability. Moreover, Pertamina RU III will continue to be committed to supporting the performance of Pertamina (Persero) in meeting national energy targets and providing value to all stakeholders.

"Achieving optimal performance targets cannot be done alone The collaboration, support and prayer of all RU III stakeholders, especially those in the Sumbagsel region, are inseparable from our business," Yosua said, as quoted from Antara.