Monday, 27 May 2019 | 19:11 WIB

PGN Launches Gaslink in Batam to Increase Natural Gas Usage

PGN Launches Gaslink in Batam to Increase Natural Gas Usage (special)

JAKARTA, NNC - State-owned gas company PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk (PGN), through its subsidiary PT Gagas Energi Indonesia (Gagas), has launched Gaslink services for the Batam region in order to expand natural gas utilization in various regions.

Gaslink is a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) product that uses Gas Transportation Module (GTM) technology or Gaslink Truck. Gaslink is a solution for supplying natural gas for locations that cannot be served by natural gas distribution pipelines.

The number of Gaslink Trucks that will support PGN's services in Batam are 4 units, consisting of 3 units measuring 10 feet and 1 unit measuring 5 feet.

PGN's Commercial Director Danny Praditya revealed that the supply of Gaslink in Batam is part of the company's market expansion. In addition, he continued, this step was also an effort to improve PGN's services to the community for the provision of economical and environmentally friendly natural gas energy to the commercial / industrial sectors that could not be served through pipelines.

Gaslink has spread to almost all of Gagas' operational areas such as Greater Jakarta, Sukabumi, Serang, Cilegon, Yogakarta, Sidoarjo, Surabaya, Lawang (Malang) to the last Batam.

Meanwhile, Gagas Energy Indonesia's Corporate Secretary Febrilian Hindarto added that currently Gagas has totally managed 12 gas refueling stations and 4 MRUs. While Gaslink customers currently have 84 customers, consisting of industrial and commercial customers.

Febrilian said, Gagas meanwhile would focus on optimizing existing refueling station infrastructure.

"However, it is possible that if the business dynamics change later, Gagas will review the construction of new refueling stations," he said.