Thursday, 27 June 2019 | 15:53 WIB

PGN Expands Gas Network to Bogor

PGN Expands Gas Network to Bogor (special)

JAKARTA, NNC - PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk (PGN) is adding gas networks to households and small customers (Jargas) for the Bogor, Serang and Cirebon operating areas.

From the package, today, PGN has officially opened the Jargas area in Bogor according to the work target that began in May 2018.

 The addition of Jargas that targets these household users is expected to increase safer and cheaper energy use.

The construction of Jargas in the Bogor, Serang and Cirebon areas is a project funded by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

In the later stages of operation, PGN will utilize gas sources from PT Pertamina EP, with volumes reaching 0.2 MMSCFD.

In the operation plan, the Jargas will flow a total of 5,120 house connections or SRs, precisely in the Cibinong and Bojong Gede Districts.

"The expansion of this Jargas is a joint effort to expand and equalize the utilization of this country's natural wealth," said Director of Infrastructure and Technology at PGN, Dilo Seno Widagdo after the inauguration on Wednesday (02/27/2019).

Dilo revealed, so far the government and PGN have worked hand in hand to expand the development of Jargas. In the future, he said, more and more schemes can be used to realize the development of Jargas.

"Gas is the energy of the future that greatly helps people's lives. Indonesia through PGN has great potential as a buffer and servant for the community, "he said.

On the other hand, there are several advantages of pipeline gas, especially those distributed by PGN, including from the natural gas wealth in the country.

This means, from the macro side, the use of piped gas for household consumption does not burden the trade balance due to gas imports that occur in LPG gas.

 Another advantage especially for household consumers, will save the cost of gas usage, because PGN's gas cubic tariff is cheaper.

"The price is indeed different from LPG 3kg," said Dilo.

The pipeline gas sold by PGN is a type of light-weight methane gas, so it is fast and easy to evaporate, minimally the risk of fire. Whereas LPG gas is propane gas with heavier mass weight, easily ignited.

"These advantages will make it easier for people to access energy that is more environmentally friendly, and even the use of gas helps national energy independence," he concluded.