Tuesday, 21 May 2019 | 03:26 WIB

Allianz Indonesia Launches Latest Digital Sales Application

Allianz Indonesia launches Allianz Doscover application (special)

JAKARTA, NNC – PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia (Allianz Life) has introduced a digital application update for life and health insurance marketers that enable customers to interactively determine safeguards as needed. The application is named Allianz Discover.

This digital sales application has undergone development since it was first launched in January 2015, so it does not only function as an application to submit life insurance application letters online, but now prioritizes customer journey.

Allianz has a digital sales application since 2015 to help marketers shorten the sales process. Now Allianz Discover can be used by marketers along with customers to get the experience of buying insurance without a hitch.

Previously there were two common problems faced by Indonesian people who became insurance customers, namely there were still many customers buying insurance, but they did not know and did not understand in detail the products they had, whether they were suitable or not according to their needs.

In addition, many customers also buy insurance but do not understand clearly whether the insurance they have purchased is sufficient for their future needs. Allianz Discover is here to provide solutions to these two problems.

By using Allianz Discover, both marketers and customers can take advantage of the various features in it to help determine what type of protection is most appropriate.

Allianz Discover provides information on financial and risk needs, so that marketers can invite customers to determine insurance protection as needed.

"We always strive to simplify the sales process and make insurance easy for customers to understand. Allianz Discover provides an experience of buying insurance digitally and without obstacles, both for customers and marketers. This includes explanations and illustrations transparently about insurance risks and insurance needs. Allianz Discover will provide a fun and interactive experience, "said Joos Louwerier, Country Manager & Managing Director of Allianz Life Indonesia, Tuesday (12/2/2019).

Based on Accenture's research on "Customer Segmentation in Asia's Important Markets" that in buying insurance products, prospective customers included in the millennial segment, middle class and over 50 years of age research products, both online and offline.

It turns out that as many as 46-57 percent of prospective consumers choose to buy life insurance and health products offline. That is, customers still choose to get an explanation directly from the salesperson.

Based on the results of this research, Allianz Discover was born and is expected to provide convenience for customers, where this application is a combination of digital solutions and direct interaction between marketers and customers, to understand and determine the type of insurance protection according to the needs before buying the product.

The development of Allianz Discover's digital sales application is in line with the digital transformation strategy undertaken by companies in the service sector, especially at the meeting point between customers and marketers. By providing supporting equipment services, especially digital-based ones, Allianz makes it easy for marketers to serve customers optimally from the start.

"Allianz realizes that in this digital era, customer needs are increasingly dynamic and fast-paced. Customers need insurance protection information as much and as quickly as possible, without eliminating relations between humans because our marketing staff will be happy to provide explanations and help customers understand insurance protection according to their needs, "said Ginawati Djuandi, Chief Agency Officer of Allianz Life Indonesia.