Thursday, 27 June 2019 | 14:58 WIB

BOLT Internet Service Officially Closes


JAKARTA, NNC –  Management of PT Internux, 4G LTE BOLT brand internet service provider, said that the company will immediately stop its services to customers. Director of Internux, Dicky Mochtar, ensures that all customers’ rights will still be fulfilled by the company.

"We have received the Decree of the Minister of Communication and Information related to this matter. Responding to the letter, BOLT supports the decision of the Ministry of Communication and Information and fully cooperated to adjust 4G LTE services in Greater Jakarta, Banten and Medan since receiving the Decree," Dicky said in a written statement on Friday (12/28/2018).

He said, since November 21, 2018, the company no longer accepts purchases of top up. This is a commitment to safeguarding the interests of customers and complying with government decisions.

"BOLT will fulfill its obligations to all active BOLT Customers, both prepaid and postpaid," said Dicky.

Furthermore, Dicky states, after Ministry of Communication and Information's decision regarding termination of service, customers will receive a refund of the remaining credit and/or unused internet quota and return payment in advance.

"BOLT has also prepared 28 BOLT Zone outlets spread across the Greater Jakarta and Medan regions to serve the process of fulfilling this customer right," he added.

The company also provides special offers for active BOLT Home customers in the range of homes network passed First Broadband Cable Internet from PT Link Net Tbk in the form of a 30 percent discount offer and Double Speed Upgrade to subscribe for 12 months, and free all cable TV channels for three months.

Chairman of the ITRB/ Director General of SDPPI of the Ministry of Communication and Information, Ismail stated the Ministry has terminated the use of the 2.3 GHz radio frequency band for PT. Internux, PT First Media Tbk, and PT Jasnita Telekomindo on Friday, December 28, 2018.