Sunday, 16 June 2019 | 11:29 WIB

Citi Indonesia Honors Gita Wirjawan for Leadership and Ingenuity

Citi Indonesia Honors Gita Wirjawan for Leadership and Ingenuity (special)

JAKARTA, NNC – Gita Wirjawan, the former Indonesian Minister for Trade, former Chairman of Indonesia’s Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) and a Citi alumnus, has received the Citi Distinguished Alumni award. 
This award honors Citi alumni who have distinguished themselves in their businesses or personal endeavors through exceptional leadership or ingenuity. This year, only 19 Citi Distinguished Alumni Awards are being given globally.
Mr Wirjawan, who is also the founder of Ancora Group, has held key appointments in various companies including Citibank Indonesia. Throughout his business career, the Harvard graduate banker has been involved in advising both the government and private sectors in many Asian countries, with respect to corporate restructuring, M&A and strategic sales.  Outside of the business world, his passion lies in education, sports, and music.  He remains engaged with several academic domains around the world.  He also takes pride in having been involved in cultivating talents in music, badminton, and golf.
In addition to receiving the Citi Distinguished Alumni Award in the category of Leadership and Ingenuity, Mr Wirjawan also previously received  the Bintang Mahaputra Adiprana - the highest civilian honor after the Bintang Republik Indonesia medal - from the Indonesian government for his extraordinary accomplishments as a cabinet member.
The Citi Distinguished Alumni Award was presented to Mr Wirjawan at the Citi Indonesia Alumni Network 2018, an annual event aimed at reconnecting former and current employees. The annual event was attended by more than 200 Citi alumni, most of whom are leaders in the public and private sectors.

The Citi Alumni Network was established globally in 2012 and since then has been growing and expanding. It is a global platform where members can remain connected with Citi through news, just-released research and stories, job opportunities at Citi as well as volunteering and other nonprofit events. The platform is open to all former employees who have worked at Citi or one of its subsidiaries for at least one year. As of now, there are more than 20,000 Citi alumni registered in more than 100 countries.
Commenting on the event, Batara Sianturi, CEO of Citi Indonesia as well as Chairman of Citi Indonesia Alumni said, “Throughout 50 years of Citi’s history in Indonesia, we have succeeded in achieving solid milestones, thanks to the hard work and dedication of Citi’s employees, both in the past as well as in the present. Our alumni continuously express pride in their alma mater, because Citi is in their DNA. As the saying goes, you can leave Citi but Citi never leaves you.”
“Our rich heritage spans over 200 years, whereas in Indonesia Citi has dedicated its 50 years to enable growth and economic progress. Each of Citi's alumni have contributed to this long and successful history. Wherever your career may have taken you, the Citi Alumni Network provides you with an opportunity to reconnect with Citi or to strengthen existing connections with your current and former colleagues. We look forward to building long-term relationships with all of our alumni,” Batara concluded.