Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 08:23 WIB

Village Ministry: Transmigration Areas Now Become Centers for Economic Growth, Development

Director General of PKP2Trans of the Ministry of Village R Hari Pramudiono attending ceremony to commemorate Transmigration Service Day (HBT) in Bengkulu.

NORTH BENGKULU, NNC - The ceremony to commemorate Transmigration Service Day (HBT) held in North Bengkulu Regency, Bengkulu, Friday (12/14/2018) went solemnly and smoothly even though the location of the ceremony was moved from Padang Jaya Field to the Padang Jaya Sub-district Hall due to heavy rain which caused the field to be flooded.

In the ceremony, the Director General of Preparation of Regions and Development of Transmigration Settlements (PKP2Trans) of the Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration  R Hari Pramudiono was appointed as Inspector of Ceremony representing the Minister of Village Eko Putro Sandjojo.

In his direction, Hari Pramudiono said that the implementation of the transmigration program which had been running for 68 years had succeeded in building 3,608 transmigration settlements in 619 transmigration areas.

In fact, some of those areas have developed into a new growth center with the formation of 1,183 definitive villages, 385 being sub-district capitals, 104 regency capitals and 2 provincial capitals.

"Transmigration has contributed to realizing transmigration areas as the center of Indonesia's economic and development growth to become more prosperous," he said in a press release on Friday (12/14).

Furthermore, Hari said that current focus of transmigration is among others developing superior products in rural areas (Prukades) through partnership programs in transmigration areas.

"In this case, there is collaboration between the government and the private sector in developing superior products for the welfare of transmigrants and surrounding communities," he said.

Collaboration between the government and the private sector is such as the development of Sugarcane Prukades in the Melolo transmigration area of East Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara and Palm Oil commodities Prukades in the Bupul transmigration area of Merauke Regency.

"It was recorded that in 2018 the total investment through the partnership pattern with the development of Prukades in the Transmigration area reached IDR15.97 trillion. Not only government and private collaboration, the collaboration was also carried out between the central government and the regions, one of which was by sharing Regional Budget from Yogyakarta and Central Java to destination areas in Central Kalimantan, North Kalimantan and West Sulawesi," he explained.

It should be noted the peak of the ceremony commemoration this year was held in North Bengkulu which was an area that was no stranger to transmigration because North Bengkulu was formed thanks to the transmigration program.

Until now, in North Bengkulu there has been a New Urban Area (KPB) of Lagita which will become a new center for economic growth that can help local governments improve the economy of the people of North Bengkulu.

"A number of urban facilitation to support the community's socio-economic activities has been available in Lagita. We hope that Lagita will be able to develop more advanced as a center of agribusiness and agro-industry by increasing synergy and collaboration between relevant ministries, SOEs, private sector, Regional Government, Banking and the community through the development of Village Owned Enterprises (BUMDes)," he said.