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Netika Indonesia, QUNIE Synergize with ITB School of Business and Management

Netika Indonesia, QUNIE Synergize with ITB School of Business and Management (special)

JAKARTA, NNC - Netika Indonesia has conducted a full-day executive seminar in partnership  with  School  of  Business  and  Management of ITB,  Indonesia’s  best  business  school  of   2017   according   to   UK-based   Global Brands  Magazine.  This seminar is a premium supplement to QUNIE Academy, the training and development solution launched earlier this year in collaboration with QUNIE CORPORATION,  one  of   Japan’s   leading management consulting firms and a member of NTT Group. QUNIE Academy aims to develop skillful and competent human resources by providing world-class services with special programs for upper level professionals including managers, directors and executives.

This is the second executive seminar, after a half-day session held earlier this year on “HR Meets IT” which was widely popular and brought over 100% of expected attendance and positive feedback. The most recent seminar on "The Power of Big Data & IoT in Business: Practical Case Studies in Japan and Indonesia" was a full-day event held at the SBM-ITB Jakarta Campus on November 29th 2018.

The morning session allowed executive-level management from the private sector to learn about the different applications of technology, especially the Internet of Things and Big Data in business, using relevant examples and real business cases. The afternoon session was an interactive workshop on business model innovation,  focusing on the agricultural business, and expanding that to other industries. According to Rizal Siddik, Manager of QUNIE Academy, it was a very meaningful session because, participants can gain insights regarding how Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) technology are implemented in Japan, and how to implement them in the Indonesian context, particularly for their industry.

The key learning point was one of the main methodologies in business model innovation, the business model navigator. Participants performed business model visualization, utilized 55 types of business models, and try innovative business modeling in sub-teams, then presenting their business models before the whole group. According to Dr. Ide, the expert on Big Data and IoT from QUNIE, and the workshop facilitator, the participants learned a lot and can now apply the key learning points regarding business analysis, modeling and innovation to their jobs.

Netika Indonesia and SBM-ITB are optimistic that the executive seminar, as a part of QUNIE Academy Program, has been beneficial, and are hereby sharing some of the feedback from the seminar by one of the participants.

“This opens our eyes to how far the practices of big data have been implemented in Japan. So [we can] anticipate the future [trends].” – System Engineer, the IT Industry.

Deputy Director of SBM ITB’s Jakarta campus, Dr. Yudo Anggoro, viewed that this seminar and workshop is a good example of a close collaboration between SBM ITB and the industry. It is also an opportunity for the school to explore new areas such as Big Data and IoT. Netika Indonesia, QUNIE and SBM-ITB are confident the executive education will positively impact Indonesian businesses in the near future.
About QUNIE Academy

QUNIE Academy is a unit created by Netika Indonesia and QUNIE CORPORATION, dedicated to providing professional education solutions to local businesses. QUNIE CORPORATION and Netika Indonesia formed a strategic partnership in 2013, which led to the birth of QUNIE Academy. QUNIE Academy is focusing on developing personnel and management working for all industries and businesses in Indonesia. The QUNIE Academy program includes the following topics:

• Certification in Job Analysis
• Certification in Performance Management
• Certification in Competency Modeling
• Certification in Remuneration System
• Certification in Talent Management
• Certification in Training Management
• Certification in Organization Development
• Certification in Recruitment System, and
• Certification in Workforce Planning

Each training module includes mini projects, where participants learn to implement the concepts and tools at their workplace. This is to ensure that each participant has a solid comprehension of how to use the concepts and tools in their working environment and context. During the mini project, participants can consult with Netika consultants, who will also review and approve the results for participants to get the certificate from QUNIE Academy.

QUNIE CORPORATION is a part of the NTT DATA Group. NTT DATA is a leading IT services provider and global innovation partner headquartered in Tokyo, with business operations in over 50 countries.

QUNIE consultants with highly expertise provide a variety of clients with diverse solutions to complex business issues, and certainly execute business transformation as Innovation Partner. Moreover, the professionals support your expansion throughout the world by closer cooperation with their overseas bases. For more information, visit: