Thursday, 27 June 2019 | 15:23 WIB

GreatDay Offers Human Capitals Management through Application

GreatDay Offers Human Capitals Management through Application (nnc)

JAKARTA, NNC -- DataOn (Indodev Niaga Internet) has launched the GreatDay HR application as a new brand for SunFish Go's HR mobile solutions. Gordon Enns, Founder and CEO of DataOn and GreatDay, says the application can improve employee engagement by helping them do something great every day.

At the same time, GreatDay HR announced an initial pre-series A investment agreement worth US$ 2.5 million initiated by investors based in South Korea, Otium Ventures, as well as several other strategic investors from Indonesia and Thailand. At launch, GreatDay HR had more than 120,000 users in 80 companies in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

"GreatDay HR is a pioneer in employee-focused HR application application solutions. With this brand and new company, we hope to further enhance our focus in helping companies engage with employees and support employees to get the best work every day. I am sure that our new name reflects the highest value we can give to our clients - a Great Day, "explained Gordon Enns, Founder and CEO of DataOn and GreatDay, Wednesday (12/12/2018).

To find out more, GreatDay HR is an employee mobile application that do not only integrate with Sunfish HR, but can also function on its own.

Furthermore, this solution can also help small to medium breeding without the need for other HR systems. Later GreatDay HR will be able to provide functions as a car application: for additional important human resource solutions for other vendors.

"Today, mobile applications have become a commonly used way to interact with most other software applications. However, business systems tend to evolve slowly, so there are still many employees interacting with an old-fashioned business system. With GreatDay, let's start all over again to develop Human Resources solutions that keep up with the progress of today's mobile world, added Enns.

With GreatDay employees can easily manage their reported human resource data, attendance, apply for leave, see salary slips, submit reimbursement claims and matters relating to human resources.

All users receive information including requests that require their approval. company announcement. reminders about their attendance status or employee status and internal social media posts.