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Indonesia Trade Ministry Encourages National Industry to Engage Export Market

Indonesia Trade Ministry Encourages National Industry to Engage Export Market (kemendag)

JAKARTA, NNCThe Indonesia Ministry of Trade, through the Directorate General of National Export Development (DG PEN), continues to encourage domestic businesses to expand into the international markets. One of them, by holding a seminar entitled "Marketing Strategy for Apparel Products to the Canadian Market"  on December 7, 2018 in Bandung.

At the seminar, the Directorate General of National Export Development presented Indonesian businesspeople who successfully reached the Canadian market to share their experiences with 40 small medium sized apparel users.

The Ministry of Trade's Director of Export Development Cooperation Marolop Nainggolan stated that the experience and hard work of the entrepreneurs who had succeeded could motivate and have a positive impact on similar business actors who were trying to achieve similar success.

"Sharing experiences among business people in the same field will support the sector concerned to be stronger and be able to compete healthily in the market. "Every company will choose a different identity as the main requirement to exist in the market," Marolop said, Tuesday (11/12/2018).

Two Indonesian businessmen who were presented as speakers were Unik Harjuntari, the owner of CV. Uniqueindo Busana Lestari (Cotton Flair) and Danny Sugiartono Setiawan, owners of PT. World KNK Surya Anugerah. Both of them were successful in entering the Canadian market with guidance from the Indonesia-Canada Trade and Private Sector Assistance (TPSA) Project. On that occasion, Unik and Danny shared their experiences and strategies in running their business and told about the facilitation of the TPSA Project in participating in the Sourcing @ Magic exhibition in Las Vegas in 2017 and Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada (ATSC) in Toronto in 2018.

Unik recounted that many lessons were received from the TPSA project. Various information and criticisms from the experts were very challenging and motivated him to succeed in spawning the brand Cotton Flair. "So far, I have put forward expressive designs and colors that are only in accordance with consumer demand in the local market. But I was guided to make a collection of clothing that carries a simple theme with soft colors and not too crowded, as the desires and characteristics of consumers in the Canadian market, "Unik said.

Meanwhile, Danny owns PT. World KNK Surya Anugerah, which manufactures to meet well-known brands, shares its experience in obtaining export strategy knowledge. Through the guidance received, Danny, who has been using third parties in exporting, has been directed to find partners and directly export their products on the Canadian market.

 "I realize that the process of achieving success is not easy, and it takes time to learn and continue to improve so as not to erode in increasingly competitive global competition," he said motivating.

TPSA Project Manager Said Fauzan Baabud, who also attended the seminar, explained that the seminar was aimed at providing a fair opportunity for all businesses in Indonesia to get the same opportunity to enter the Canadian market. Large-scale companies can supply well-known brands, while small and medium-sized companies are expected to supply boutiques and establish partnerships with stub shops in online media that are currently mushrooming.

In addition, present as a guest speaker was the Secretary General of the Indonesian Java Textile Association (API) Kevin Hartanto who conveyed the development of the textile and textile products (TTP) industry in Indonesia. According to him, in the period of January-July 2018, the value of shipping Indonesian TTP products reached USD 7.74 billion and is targeted to reach USD 13 billion by the end of this year.

Indonesia-Canada TPSA Project
Indonesia-Canada Trade and Private Sector Assistance (TPSA) Project is a collaboration between the Indonesian Ministry of Trade and Global Affairs Canada. The executor in Indonesia is the DG PEN along with The Conference Board of Canada (CBoC).

This project aims to support economic growth and tackle poverty in Indonesia through increased trade and investment that emphasizes aspects of gender and environmental equality. This project was implemented for a period of five years from 2015-2019.

The main activity of this project is to provide comprehensive export guidance to Indonesian businesses in the specialty coffee, clothing and footwear sectors to penetrate the North American market. As many as five selected companies from each sector get guidance and assistance by experts in quality improvement to meet the standards expected by consumers in North America. Coaching is carried out, among others, in the aspects of production, company management, and marketing.