Sunday, 16 June 2019 | 12:03 WIB

Bukopinet Targets Transactions to Reach IDR6 Trillion per Month

Bukopinet Targets Transactions to Reach IDR6 Trillion per Month (vebiznews)

JAKARTA NNC - The Bukopinet Services from Bank Bukopin is expected to reach around 20 million transactions with a nominal value of up to IDR6 trillion per month.

Bukopinet also has a network of up to 30,000 agents or counters throughout Indonesia, serving 300 transactions per second.

"The service records bill payment transactions of more than IDR3 trillion per month," said Rivan Purwantono, Director of Consumer at Bank Bukopin in a press release on Saturday (08/12).

Of the total electricity payment transactions in Indonesia which reached 40-45 million times a month, he said, around 12-13 million transactions were carried out through Bukopinet.

Bukopinet is a rebranding of Bukopin's Payment Point Online (PPOB) service that has been pioneered by the company since 2007. Payment point service features are now available through the Bukopinet platform. In addition to web-based, Bukopinet is now also available in mobile form.

"The innovations made at Bukopinet compared to the previous PPOB service are on the mobility side, where before the service can only be accessed through the PPOB counter, now it can also be done mobile via an application on a smartphone," he explained.

However, service through counters is still maintained because proximity is considered to be an important point in the payment point business.

PPOB's new identity to become Bukopinet is part of an effort to reposition and increase awareness of PPOB business so that it can remain competitive in entering the millennial era.

Bukopinet Services received the Marketeers Editor's Choice Award 2018 (MECA 2018) for the category "The Breakthrough Digital Banking Product of the Year". MECA 2018 is an award given to companies and brand owners in Indonesia who carry out marketing strategies in special ways.

"Entering the digital era marked by the proliferation of e-commerce businesses, interbank competition in fee-based businesses is also increasingly tight. One of the strategies used by Bank Bukopin to deal with this competition is to rebrand PPOB services," he said.