Tuesday, 17 September 2019 | 20:01 WIB

Honda Set to Market PCX Electric in Southeast Asia

Honda Set to Market PCX Electric in Southeast Asia (motorbloginfo)

TOKYO, NNC - Japan-based car and motorcycle manufacturer Honda will soon market the electric PCX automatic scooter in Southeast Asia, with sales for business and individual customers starting from the Philippines.

Unlike other models, the PCX Electric is marketed with rental sales option for both business customers and individuals.

PCX Electric was developed based on PCX which is popular in stylish design, with a more environmentally friendly engine thanks to the new compact electric power unit developed by Honda.

"This PCX electric motor uses a Permanent Magnet Interior Structure (HDI) that provides sufficient torque from low revs, realizing strong and smooth acceleration and uphill performance," Honda said in its official statement on Sunday (09/12)

With an electric battery that it carries, PCX Electric, which targets urban users and needs comfort, is able to travel 41km for one full charge.

The PCX Electric battery can be charged using the supplied connector or with an optional external charger.

This 125cc motorbike will be rented at a tourist resort in the Tokyo district starting in spring 2019, with usage will continue to be monitored by Honda to get a lot of input from consumers.

The PCX Electric, which is equipped with batteries with a total capacity of 96V which are divided into two high-energy 48V lithium-ion batteries, will be produced for the domestic market. The production will reach 250 units per year.

For one charge, the PCX Electric battery needs six hours to be fully charged when connected to a vehicle, while if it is filled with an optional charger with a battery removed from the vehicle it will take about four hours.