Saturday, 25 May 2019 | 10:41 WIB

President Jokowi Wants More Indonesian Startups to Reach Global Markets

President Jokowi Wants More Indonesian Startups to Reach Global Markets (todayindia)

JAKARTA NNC - Indonesia President Joko 'Jokowi' Widodo wants to increase the number of small startup businesses or startups that can reach global markets. He viewed that there are many household industry businesses that needed to be improved and needed innovation to reach the global markets.

"This [household industry] needs to be improved and expanded. There are many local seeds that require quality control and access," the President said at the Opening of Digital Startup 2018 in Kartika Expo, Balai Kartini, Setiabudi, Jakarta, on Friday (07/12).

According to the President, there are technical and non-technical issues that need to be resolved. These include improving the management of small and micro businesses, such as stalls, and connecting them to their counterparts that are already online.

"This is a big job that we have to do together, we have to do it and collaborate together," President Jokowi explained. He also reminded the young generation to not only concentrate solely on the online ecosystem, but also working on an offline ecosystem.

President Jokowi also hopes the Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF) can organize this matter well. Meanwhile, the Indonesia Ministry of Communication and Information can provide a forum so that the online and offline ecosystems can be connected, which will facilitate the economic leap of businesses, both online and offline.

On that occasion, President Jokowi also conveyed that digital economy has contributed significantly to Indonesia's GDP. In 2017, this contribution was 7.3 percent.

"This is huge, despite our economic growth being only 5.1 percent. This is 7.3 percent, which is larger than our economic growth," the President said, and added that Indonesia's digital economy was projected to contribute 8.5 percent of GDP in 2018.

President Jokowi also praised the leaps in progress in sociopreneur. He said that four of the 10 unicorns in Southeast Asia are from Indonesia. The four unicorns are Go-Jek, Traveloka, Bukalapak, and Tokopedia.

"I am sure that here, God Willing, there will be more businesses that will become unicorns as an addition to the previous four. I also want more unicorns, born in Indonesia, to export the technology and engage with other countries," the President continued.

Ending his remarks, President Jokowi invited young people to migrate from consumptive behavior to productive behavior, move from comfort zones to innovation and breakthrough, and move to become a fertile digital startup country.

Attending the event were Indonesia Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara, BEKRAF Head Triawan Munaf, Special Presidential Staff Coordinator Teten Masduki, and Wesley Harjono, CFO of Gan Kapital and President Director of Plug and Play Indonesia.