Saturday, 25 May 2019 | 10:24 WIB

Luhut: Indonesian Technological Innovation to Skyrocket in 3 Years

Indonesia Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut B Pandjaitan (kemenkomaritim)

JAKARTA, NNC - In front of members of the National Research Council (DRN), Indonesia Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut B Pandjaitan has admitted that Indonesia was actually lagging behind in terms of technological innovation. Therefore, Indonesia must make a big leap in terms of technology so that it will not be further behind from other countries.
"We are indeed lagging behind, we have always been a hi-tech market, now the role of DRN must really empower these innovations so that we can make a big leap in the field of technology, as we have tremendous potential to go in that direction," Luhut said in his remarks at the Plenary Session of the National Research Council 'Innovation-Based Development in the Era of 4.0', in Jakarta, Tuesday (04/12).

He said Indonesia has this potential as evidenced by the latest generation of train technology produced by PT INKA for the procurement of Light Rail Transit (LRT) project, as well as the latest submarine production by PT PAL in collaboration with South Korea, as well as many other nation-made technologies .

He also stressed that there are several important points that must be considered, including, Indonesia must shift from a consumer country to a producer country based on innovation and strengthening human resources.

"Development of innovation must be done in an integrated and focused and efficient manner. I think if we work together, within three years we can make that leap. And, most importantly we all have to agree to use domestic products based on technological innovation, "he added.

Luhut emphasized that the government will always fully support the development of technological innovations, such as by preparing a legal umbrella and also encouraging synergy between stake holders.

"We will regulate the regulation, we need a conducive policy to increase this innovation. We will work together, obviously I am ready to help DRN, and not just help, but we are 'war' together, "he concluded.