Wednesday, 17 July 2019 | 17:24 WIB

BCA Donates IDR300 Million to Build Drilling Well in Gunungkidul

BCA Donates IDR300 Million Fund to Build Drilling Well in Gunungkidul

YOGYAKARTA, NNC – Realizing the importance of water sources for all human life, PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (IDX:BBCA) or BCA through the BCA Bakti program initiated by Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) took the initiative to help improve the quality of life of the community, one of them in the health sector.

This initiative was implemented with donations from BCA amounting to IDR300 million for Drilling Well Installation for community welfare in the Gunungkidul area of Yogyakarta Special Region.

The provision of the Drilling Well installation was officially given in the inauguration ceremony attended by BCA Independent Commissioner Cyrillus Harinowo, BCA Executive Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility Inge Setiawati, Head of BCA Business Development of Yogyakarta Branch (KPBC) Wahyu Hariatmanto, Regent of Gunungkidul Badingah, Head of the Public Works, Housing and Settlements  Department (DPUPKP) of Gunung Kidul Eddy Praptono, and Head of Gunungkidul Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) Sri Suhartanta at Karangtengah II Hamlet, Karangtengah Village, Wonosari Sub-district, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta.

Cyrillus said the donation of IDR300 million for the construction of two new drill wells was aimed at improving clean water services to the community.

From the construction of two wells supported by BCA, wells that have been completed and are ready for use are the Ngelorejo Well in Gari Village. Through the strengthening and addition of raw water, the water supply is guaranteed to meet various needs.

"Water is a source of life for all living things on this earth. So there are many benefits in every drop. Therefore, we took the initiative to realize concern in order to maintain the sustainability of clean water through the provision of bore wells," Cyrillus added.

In addition, the drought that had hit Gunung Kidul in June 2018 also became the background of BCA in easing the steps to help and provide clean water through this borehole.

At that time, dry conditions without rain affected 54 villages from 11 sub-districts in Gunungkidul Regency. As a result, 31,607 households (KK) and 96,523 people were forced to have difficulty accessing clean water.

"On the other hand, we are increasingly observing that Gunung Kidul is one of the tourism potentials in Indonesia which also attracts local and foreign tourists. This can be seen from the number of tourists to Gunung Kidul which in 2011 was around 500 thousand, and has now reached around 3 million The potential of nature such as the 13 geopark sites that have entered the Gunungsewu geopark network and has been determined by UNESCO is also a unique form of Gunung Kidul, thus it is a pride and honor for us to contribute to our noble goals, providing clean water through drill wells for the progress of the surrounding community is better," Cyrillus concluded.