Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 09:39 WIB

North Sulawesi Eye New Nutmeg Export Markets

Pala Sulawesi Utara buka pasar ekspor baru.

JAKARTA, NNC - Plantation exports of coffee, tea, North Sulawesi spices in January-September 2018 reached US $ 31.43 million, down 11.21% compared to the same period the previous year. Today, buyers from Saudi Arabia are interested in the nutmeg commodity which has been the mainstay of exports from North Sulawesi Province.

"We have brought together buyers and sellers," said Darwin Muksin, Head of Foreign Trade at the North Sumatra Provincial Office of Industry and Trade in Manado on Saturday (11/17).

Darwin said, in the future it was left to buyers and sellers, but the government was still ready to facilitate it. However, he did not mention the potential of nutmeg which could be exported to Saudi Arabia.

He explained, indeed there are sometimes problems with price problems which may still be higher for North Sumatra nutmeg commodities compared to other regions. However, the quality of nutmeg from North Sulawesi, especially from the Sitaro Islands Regency, is very good and has been recognized by the world market, especially America and Europe.

"At present, nutmeg from North Sulawesi is mostly exported to European states," he explained.

According to the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), exports of North Sulawesi coffee, tea and spices in January-September 2018 reached US $ 31.43 million. In January-September 2017, exports of these categories of goods reached US $ 35.4 million.

Nationally, citing UN Comtrade data, it is known that Indonesia exports more intact nutmeg (HS Code 090811) than its derivative products in the form of nutmeg powder (HS Code 090812). In 2016, the total export of whole nutmeg to the world reached 9,715.7 tons with a value of US $ 42.8 million.

"Vietnam is the largest market with a volume of 5,498.6 tons and a value of US $ 13.52 million. Followed by the Netherlands with a volume of 713 tons and a value of US $ 6.71 million. The third largest export destination is the United States, which is 760 tons with a value of US $ 5.31 million, "Darwin explained.

Darwin explained that nutmeg has been mashed, in the same year Indonesia exported to the world weighing 2,861.2 tons with a value of US $ 22.57 million. For nutmeg derivative products, the United States is the main market with total exports to the country reaching 697.3 tons. The value reaches US $ 5.98 million.

"The Netherlands and Italy are second and third, with a value of US $ 4.5 million (528 tons) and US $ 2 million (255.9 tons)," he explained.

Based on data from the Directorate General of Plantations at the Ministry of Agriculture published in Indonesian Plantation Statistics 2015-2017 Nutrition Commodities, North Sulawesi itself is one of the nutmeg centers in Sulawesi. Its production in 2016 was 4,321 tons, with the Sangihe and Talaud Islands being the two main centers. The production of each center reached 1,636 tons and 1,456 tons.

"Still from the same data, the production of nutmeg in the archipelago reached 34,408 tons in 2016. In the previous year, nutmeg production was 33,711 tons," Darwin said.

Maluku and Papua are the main centers of nutmeg producers. In 2016, production was 12,558 tons, followed by Sumatra with 10,065 tons, Sulawesi with 5,626 tons and Java with 1,265 tons. The rest is generated by other regions.

"The government will continue to support all North Sulawesi exporters, trying to find new markets for superior products of the region," concluded Darwin.