Wednesday, 17 July 2019 | 18:01 WIB

Xiaomi Apologises after ‘Flash Sale‘ Angers UK Customers


JAKARTA, NNC - Xiaomi was heavily criticized by netizens in the UK for its massive discount offerings through a Flash Sale for a number of its £1 smartphones.

It all started with the plan to introduce Xiaomi that had just entered the UK earlier this month with its Mi 8, Redmi 6a and Mi Band 3 smartwatch. According to the NDTV on Thursday, Xiaomi usually held certain discount sale dubbed "Crazy Deals", but this time Xiaomi renamed it to "Flash Sale" making it more familiar to the Brits.

Xiaomi only provided 10 smartphones for the discount program, unfortunately, consumers are accustomed to a "Flash Sale" that generally offers more than 10 units for sale.

"We can confirm that 10 customers have purchased a Xiaomi device for £1. Of the thousands who clicked 'buy' simultaneously, our system randomly selected the winners, and he or she should have been able to add this item to the shopping cart and pay for this handset at £1. No changes to the T&Cs were made that impacted the promotion itself in any way," Xiaomi UK said in a tweet.

"XiaomiUK would like to apologise for any misunderstanding".

UK's advertising watchdog received protest regarding the issue, as Xiaomi did not include information on the unit's availability sold in this program on their official website.

Xiaomi landed in the UK since November 8 2018, with its plan to open its first store in London on November 19.

Before UK, Xiaomi had open stores in Italy, France and Spain, citing Antara.

£1 is equivalent to IDR19,046.