Wednesday, 19 June 2019 | 09:39 WIB

Tokopedia Launches Light Application to Sell Digital Products


JAKARTA, NNC - Tokopedia officially launched Mitra Tokopedia on November 15, 2018, an application where everyone can sell Tokopedia digital products, such as data packages, electricity tokens, BPJS, game vouchers and so on.

Mitra Tokopedia will make it easier for everyone to start and develop businesses, especially small business owners, whether it be grocery stores, stalls, kiosks, individual businesses or the like. 

Through this application, Tokopedia bridges the world of online retail and the offline world. Offline business people can now use technology to grow their businesses online.

"We believe Mitra Tokopedia can be a solution for traditional retail players to be able to participate in technological development trends, especially related to online trading, in a way that is easier, faster and more efficient," explained Melissa Siska, Tokopedia’s COO in a written statement Thursday (11/15/2018).

Mitra Tokopedia application can already be used by all Indonesian people with 24-7 hour customer service. 

In addition to the features of selling digital products, Tokopedia also presents a wholesale feature that is currently available in the City of Bekasi and will soon be available in other cities in the near future.

For every purchase, every Mitra Tokopedia will get immediate benefits in the form of discounts and cashback promos.

Anyone can become a Mitra Tokopedia, by downloading the Mitra Tokopedia application, registering using a mobile number and entering personal data. 

This one megabyte (1 MB) application is designed to be user-friendly to any Android smartphone.