Friday, 06 December 2019 | 12:27 WIB

Len Industri Engaged Global Railway Market

Len Industri modifies signal and interlocking systems in Bangladesh

JAKARTA, NNC - Len Industri has been working on modifying signal and interlocking project in Bangladesh. Precisely, the processing signals at four Jamtoil stations, Chatmohar, Bangbadu Setu West, and Bangbadu Setu East.

Now Len is in the process of preparing a tender for the Jamtoil-Bangbadu follow-up project, namely the Dhaka-Narayangan line project.

Len Industri is known to have a competitive advantage in modifying railroad signaling products from several other vendors. This is an advantage that Len Industri has as a technology company that has global competitiveness.

At the Innotrans event in Berlin last September, Len Industri was committed and confident in expanding its wings to the global arena.

This was proven through an MoU with the companies HIMA, Teltronic, Thales, Schnoor, and Men Mikro to open up the possibility of cooperation such as technology joint development and production localization in Indonesia, which was witnessed by the Minister of SOE, Rini Soemarno.

Operations Director I Len Industri, Linus Andor Mulana Sijabat said, Len Industry's go-global move did not just stop in Bangladesh.

"We have become the main actor and the only railway signal industry in Indonesia, and have started this business since the 1980s. Now, Len Industri is competing in the global arena and will supply the mapping signal system, telecommunications systems, substation power supply systems, and SCADA systems," explained Linus, Tuesday (11/13/2018).

Working on the global market will be stronger with collaboration. This continues to be echoed by the Minister of SOE, Rini Soemarno, in encouraging SOEs to develop their wings in the global arena. SOE synergy is a real effort in the collaboration of strategy.